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Business Law & Corporate Formation
To create a successful business, you need innovative and creative thinking. You must see beyond the current realities and dream of future possibilities.

At The Nolen Law Group P.C., we will protect your interests by sharing this mentality. Whether we are negotiating with one of your potential business partners or drafting your employment contracts, we are always considering the possibilities lurking beyond to protect you against anything that could possibly go wrong.

Do you need a lawyer to form your new business?
We have extensive experiences with business formations and can help you determine the best structure for your new commercial endeavor. By selecting the appropriate business structure, you can minimize your potential personal liabilities. Contact us and we'll help you determine the best organizational plan for your business. 

An Attorney to draft your business contracts?
Whether you need non-compete agreements with your employees, distribution agreements with your vendors or license agreements with your customers, we will consider all of the contingencies to protect your business.

Are you contemplating merging with another company?

Are you seeking to acquire a new subsidiary? We can assist in all of your business mergers and acquisitions. We will advocate for your interests throughout the negotiation process and construct strong contracts to secure your interests once the negotiations are complete.
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